Yet this inconstancy is such as thou too shalt adore;

I could not love thee, Dear, so much, loved I not Honour more.

14 July 1987

♥ I need that on a Bumper Sticker.

I love pretty much anything artsy. Especially photography and theatre.
I'm not really sure what I believe. But I know that there is something up there, but what it is...?
I am both obsessive compulsive and anal retentive. But not all the time.
I'm slightly obsessed with the french language. It is the language of Love.
I am what they call P.H.A.T. And proud of it... Most of the time.
I can be pretty indecisive.
But once I've made my mind you'll find it really hard to change it.
I have really strong opinions on certain things, and I prefer not to talk about them.
I can be uber-passionate about things, hence I don't bring it up. Few people know my actual opinions.
My best friend is a hippie, and she's got enough vocal opinions for the both of us. {♥ you Rachey!}
I have "furbabies", or as normal people call them, pets. But they are my babies. :)
I am a college student. Pretty much typical...
Always broke, sleeps most of the time and complains about tests. Yep, that's me.
I am a bit obsessive about my grades, now, so I work really hard.
Don't mess me up, or I will resort to violence.
I like ghosts, it's pretty much the only thing I am not afraid of...
I am very interested in the field of Psychology.
I have very strong plans to move to Madison to finish my degree.
I ♥ Big Cities. Especially Chicago and Madison.
I also love small, out of the way villages. Gordon, Wisconsin will be my second home.
I love piercings and tattoos.
Marie Antoinette and Marilyn Monroe are pretty much my favorite historical figures.
I am the epitome of a Flake.
In general I really don't care what you think of me.
I have NEVER done drugs. I simply don't have any interest in it, and would appreciate it if you respected that.
Halloween is my most favorite holiday.
I love to read and learn... Mostly read. I will devour a good book in just a couple days, or less.
I'm one of those people that have a "bubble". Please don't invade my personal space unless it's clear that I'm comfortable.
I try to be fiercely independent. Though, most times I fail and only prove--more so--that I need help with things.
And I know The Beatles were right.

New books.
Animals. Espcially Chex Mix and Salem.
Black and White photographs.
Candid photographs that show smiling people.
Horror/Macabre photography. (If you don't already know, you probably don't want to.)
Old Portraits (mostly from the 18th century.)
Road Trips.♥
Fall and Early spring.
Valentine's Day (when I have a boyfriend.)
Being in love.

Mean people.
Feeling helpless.
Dead people (bodies, not spirits.)
Feeling alone.
Being broke.
Stupid Myspace applications.
Not having a job.

Having trouble picking out a gift for me? Well, you can never go wrong with cash or gift-cards--but for something more personal you can check out my wishlist.

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